Name art : The Artist Within

banner-1Get creative and design a name card
Send a beautiful name postcard to the most beautiful person in the world and let her know how much you love her.

Small or big no matter how important is the occasion show your love and be the artist you always wanted to be by creating amazing name cards.

Just few taps and you get your first creative name art ready.
Need to impress your girl or a first date invite to your crush. Create an ever lasting impact on the relationship between you and your friends with the best in the world scrapbook creator app that gives you a beautiful new look for the boring old text messages.

Use the amazing calligraphic fonts that will look great on anything you create.

Name art : Focus Filter opens the world of art for your imagination and gives you the opportunity to play with your own unique skills and ideas.
This is what’s in store for you
* Beautiful feathers to blend in with lovely photos of yours and heart warming one liners you write.
* Stickers for all the cool things you can use to create a name art more attractive and impressive
* Stroke lines for that abstract design you would love to create
* Heart designs filled with love to bring smile on your face. Send it to your enemies or your friends you’re up for only best wishes and love and kindness in return.
* Calligraphic fonts to write and share stories you can make. Edit text, its size, color and style
* Huge collection of beautiful authentic backgrounds crafted and curated by designers for different themes. Textures, gradients, splash of colors and many more designs to pick from. You can also pick any image from android gallery or click from camera. Crop image before applying as background.
* Decorate text with different colors and add shadow to it, choose the right opacity for name. Tools that blend in and make this name art the best name art app around.
* Beautify the name art with hand picked filters and effects to further enhance the look and feel of the cards you create
* Magic brush for that magical decoration and touch of rich look. 25+ magic brush to
* Paint brush to that raw feeling of writing with pen or marker. Choose any color and size. If still anything goes wrong you always have the option to go back and forth, just click UNDO or REDO.
* Help is always around the corner for you just tap the help Icon to know how to use the app.
* Multiple Color Filter, Vignette effect with adjustable strength for rich look

TEST IMAGE1.jpgName Art : Focus Filter

With all that you can create your unique signature and use that on any social page.
Name art opens the whole new world of creativity for creating not just name arts, but postcards, name cards, greeting cards using old photos from gallery and write to create a stunning and emotional present for your loved ones.

We present you a unique and useful app that helps you create art within seconds. Just few taps and you are ready with your own personal creation. A piece of art your own creation.

Name art is an advanced text on photo editor for all your needs. An easy to use application you will surely like and use whenever you would want to impress someone.

Please download this app and share your experiences with the world.
Feel free to share your feedback. Do let us know how you liked the app.



Photo Collage Maker is a powerful free Photo Editor bundled with collages and stickers.

Download from Google Play

Photo collage maker Free is a great tool for converting ordinary images into a great looking poster. Just few clicks and get your creative photo mix collage with this professional tool that gives you practically everything you need to create a perfect photo collage.

Release your imagination and decorate your pics by using Photo collage.

Get this amazing collage maker and build great looking posters and cool collages using our simple, attractive and intuitive collages layouts, backgrounds, stickers and text editor.
Use your photos from gallery or directly from the camera. Crop or rotate the photo as required and use it in the collage.

Get creative, try different frames, play with different stickers. Need more images? Take a look at our collage frame collection it’s huge. Just follow simple steps and share your creations in a jiff.

Horizontal Collages, Vertical Collages, collages with unique patterns , layouts and shapes for all kind of occasions and mood. Spread love with our heart shaped collage layout, or just celebrate with a single star focus layout collage. Collage layout for every mood and situations.

We also give you an option to create a Multi Photo Collage, where you can put a number of images of your selection of different shapes and at different angle of your choice, and then just add a beautiful background pattern from the app and an amazing looking border frame to add some style to it.

Save these collages on your phone or share them on your social profile to let your friends see your creativity. Get used to more likes and comments as you will get more and more of them on your profile. Be a new you and show your friends how creative you can be.

How to use Photo Collage Application :
-> Select an image from gallery or from camera. Adjust that image as you like.
-> Choose from different collage layout options for 2 to 6 images on the go.
-> Insert funky and lovable stickers into the app, position them and re-size as you like.
-> Write your own love story on the collages in stylish calligraphic fonts.
-> Save your beautiful collage on your phone or post on your profile page.

Download now and unlock world of possibilities in creating photo collages of your choice.
Feel free to send in your view and suggestions to help us serve you better.

Download from Google Play

Pattern Live Wallpaper


Pattern Live Wallpaper – Android Application

Dear friends we are bringing a fresh look for your phone screen, a live wallpaper with many beautiful patterns to choose from.

Add abstract art live wallpapers to your phone and drop that conventional phone screens of dull and still images.

This simple yet attractive live wallpaper provides you with an option of choosing speed at which the patterns move and animate also you can choose to set the duration for which a single pattern will animate on screen before switching to another beautiful pattern you have chosen.

Being beautiful is not our only motto we have made it to be battery efficient as well, this live wallpaper sits idle when the phone is locked or you are doing something else on your phone.
We understand how important a good battery life is for any phone. Keeping that in mind we make sure that we use only a fraction of battery so that you can use it for the things you like.

nmnmThe design of this app is made to look simple and cool enough to grab your attention. Pattern live wallpaper is not just about beautiful design its about smooth performance also.

We have pattern for every mood, shuffle them all and enjoy a beautiful phone screen.

Download and add another marvelous live wallpaper on your phone to keep your phone look beautiful and stunning as ever.

Pattern Live Wallpaper – Android Application

Cut Paste Photo Editor

bannerCut Paste Photo Editor – Android App on Google Play Store

Download from Google Play Store

One app but solves many purposes.
It gives you an option to cut a part of an image and use it with other images.
The app provides you with many options to use the cropped image.
Once cropped you can use that image and scale or rotate the image and place it with other cropped images as well.

Simple few steps will let you cut and paste withing pictures.
Its actually fun to use this app.
Pick – Crop – Use
Its that simple


So just download it and create some crazy pictures and share with friends.

App Link on Google Play Store

Color Splash Effect Editor


Color Splash Effect Editor is a basic and simple editor that lets you edit any image you take form phone camera or somewhere else.

Download now from Google Play Store

Few simple steps will convert your image into an abstract art.

This is how it works
* Just pick the image from your phone
* Crop the desired portion of that image
* Move your finger over the area of the image which you wants to stay colorful
* Scale the image or resize the drawing circle to fine tune your drawing skills and edit the image precisely
* Once done save the image or simply share it with friends

A hassle free Color splash effect editor for everyone who like to edit images on the go and who wants to do something with the image they click.


This app is an important tool for any photographer be it a professional or amateur.
This app is so easy and simple to use, we bet you will surely like the interface and flow of this app.

Give it a try and share your views with others
If you have any suggestions for us please let us know, we respect your views and inputs. This is what keeps us going.

Download it now and enjoy 🙂

Photo Background Changer


Photo Background Changer – Android App on Google Play Store

Erase background of any photo with just a slide of the finger.
Choose a fancy looking image and replace the background of any of your image.

Photo Background Changer is a simple way to have some fun with your photos without learning advanced editing techniques.
It would be great if you try the app and see what fun images you can create and share with friends.

Simple few steps will turn your photo into an amazing looking artwork.

Get this amazing app now from Google Play Store


Flash Light Alert on Call & SMS

Flash Light Alert on Call & SMS

Flashlight alert for calls, SMS (Text Messages) and notifications from any of the installed appGet notified of all the events with a bright flash notification.

Flashlight alert gives you a very handy tool to get notified of all kind of notifications with just a blinking flash.

There are times when you put your cell phone on silent mode and don’t want it to vibrate either; this very useful tool
comes handy at that time and notifies you only by blinking the flashlight to alert you of an important notification of either a Call from someone or a post on your Social Wall, or a tweet from a friend. Any type of notification it might be “Flashlight Alert” notifies you by blinking the Flash on and off.

A great friend and that is not harsh on your battery performance.

Special Features:
> Blink the LED flash on and off when you receive a call, a new text message.
> Control the blinking frequency and test before applying.
> Limit the flash notification to selected contacts by adding only those contacts.
> Set up when you want Flashlight alert to work, on Normal mode, Vibrating mode or Silent mode
> Categorized applications in social apps and other apps. Choose on which apps notification the flash should blink and notify you.

Download urgently this amazing app and start flashing the LED flash of your phone. Share with friends and family and make use of this ultimate utility app.

ownload now from Google Play

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