Color Splash Effect Editor


Color Splash Effect Editor is a basic and simple editor that lets you edit any image you take form phone camera or somewhere else.

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Few simple steps will convert your image into an abstract art.

This is how it works
* Just pick the image from your phone
* Crop the desired portion of that image
* Move your finger over the area of the image which you wants to stay colorful
* Scale the image or resize the drawing circle to fine tune your drawing skills and edit the image precisely
* Once done save the image or simply share it with friends

A hassle free Color splash effect editor for everyone who like to edit images on the go and who wants to do something with the image they click.


This app is an important tool for any photographer be it a professional or amateur.
This app is so easy and simple to use, we bet you will surely like the interface and flow of this app.

Give it a try and share your views with others
If you have any suggestions for us please let us know, we respect your views and inputs. This is what keeps us going.

Download it now and enjoy 🙂